It Was Not the Man I Saw. It Was a Force Bigger Than Him That Was Speaking.

Submitted by: Ashoka 30th Birthday on 02/14/12

This story was submitted to the Ashoka 30th Birthday Card by Jyoti Sharma, the founder of FORCE, and an Ashoka Fellow from India since 2009.

When I met Bill Drayton for the first time, I was disappointed – he was thin, his suit was crumpled, he seemed in a world of his own. I found it difficult to believe he was a visionary…

…And then, after some time, he got on stage to share his vision of the social entrepreneur with us, and he was a transformed man! His idealism shone through, his belief in the power of social transformation resonated through all of us. It was not the man I saw – it was a force much bigger than him that was talking on stage. It was mesmerizing.

That day, I realized the power of passion and unflinching faith. I remember and cherish what I learnt in those few minutes. 

We are social entrepreneurs because we have a dream that is bigger than all of us…simply because it centres not on us but on all of humanity. Our strength comes from our conviction – everything else is secondary. 

Ashoka gave me the strength to give my vision the wings it deserves. I am proud to be an Ashoka Fellow!  




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